Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ROLO Chocolate Cookies

These sound way too good not to try making!

ROLO Chocolate Cookies

Preparation: 30 min Cook: 8 min

You will need:

4 pkg (52 g each) ROLO chocolates 4

1 cup all-purpose flour 250 ml

1⁄2 cup cocoa powder 125 ml

1⁄2 tsp baking powder 2 ml

1⁄2 cup butter, softened 125 ml

1 cup packed brown sugar 250 ml

1 tsp vanilla extract 5 ml

1 egg 1

1⁄4 cup granulated sugar (optional) 50 ml

Tools required:Baking sheet

Step 1:Place ROLO chocolates in freezer for at least 6 hours. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, cocoa and baking powder until combined and no lumps remain. In a large bowl, beat butter until creamy. Beat in brown sugar and vanilla, then egg, until smooth. Stir flour mixture into butter mixture until just combined. Let dough stand for 30 minutes.

Step 2:Preheat oven 350ºF (180ºC). With hands, roll 1 tbsp (15 ml) of dough for each cookie into balls and place on a waxed paper-lined baking sheet. If using, place granulated sugar in a shallow dish. Remove 1 package of ROLO chocolates at a time from the freezer.

Step 3:Press each ball of dough into about a 2 inch (5 cm) circle. Place a ROLO in centre; wrap dough around ROLO so it is evenly covered. Seal well so there are no cracks. Roll into a ball. Roll in sugar, if desired. Place about 2 inches (5 cm) apart on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake in centre of oven for about 8 minutes or until dry to the touch. Cool on sheet on rack.

Makes about 40 cookies

Saturday, November 6, 2010


My SIL came down this weekend to spend some time with me and teach some of her scrappy goodness, what she didn't realize was she taught me a huge lesson on expectations of ourselves and our children.

She showed me a blog written by a single dad. He wrote about a disease that is sweeping our nation, family and our own hearts. Perfection.

We so often wear masks and put on theatrics to hide what is really underneath. Because we are terrified for peopled to know that we are flawed.

How often have we raved about our wonderful husbands to our friends, and then gone home and cried ourselves to sleep because we feel alone? Or how many times have we cited how our child exceeds every developmental milestone but gone home and panicked because they haven't crawled yet? And how many times do we wedge ourselves into control top panty hose, spanks, fake tans and hair dye because we are so scared of being "flawed"?

After having a baby, my body is not what or where it used to be. Over the past few months I have truly struggled with my self image, self esteem and self worth. I have stretch marks, saggy skin and acne all since having a baby. There have been days in recent months where I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought "Who could possible find you attractive? Who could possible want you?" I used to enjoy going clothes shopping, and now I dread it.

I do desperately want to be perfect. I want other to think that I am a Super-mom with everything together. But I am not, nor will I ever be and truthfully after much soul searching, I don't want to be.

Instead of perfect I want to be real. I am tired of the energy I invest in playing a part. I want to be the type of woman that my daughter aspires to be. I want to set an example to her about what REAL beauty is, what REAL happiness is, what REAL satisfaction is and what REAL joy is.

Do I want my beautiful little girl to look in the mirror and fret over every hair that is our of place, or every **gasp** pimple she gets? Do I want my daughter to believe that she is only valued, accepted and loved because of how "pretty" she is? Do I want her self worth to hang upon other peoples opinions of her? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I want my daughter to know that she is the hand crafted woman of God that He made her to be. I want her to know that she is worth so much more than the size tag on her clothes.

If I want these things for her, I need to want them for myself as well.

When I first became a parent I knew that it wasn't just about me anymore. I knew that my actions, decisions and failures would now affect her life as well. But recently that has gone a bit deeper. The way I view myself, the way I speak about myself and the way I treat myself all model to her what it means to be a woman. If I hate myself I am teaching her to hate herself. The thought of that truly breaks my heart.

So what next? Well I know it's not going to happen over night, but I know that I have some changes to make. I know I need to stop being my own worst enemy, I need to stop beating myself down and I need to stop striving for something that doesn't exist. What I need to do is start accepting that I am a deeply loved child of the MOST HIGH GOD. That God made me EXACTLY as I am for a purpose and HIS glory. I need to start loving myself again stretch marks and all.

I am not quite ready to give up my spanks yet, but I am getting there.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Life is busy. So busy some days, I forget to brush my hair, put on matching socks or turn off the lights when I leave home. I have always been a busy person, I thrive on activity and having a full schedule. Becoming a Mom has increased my busyness and decreased my sleep. But we need times to just slow down and enjoy the beauty God has put all around us.

Growing up I spent a lot of time on or near the water. My Dad enjoys fishing, so that meant weather us kids liked it our not, we got to go fishing. Some of my most cherished memories of this time out with my family, were the ones where we were doing nothing at all. I can remember sitting on a dock with my toes in the water looking up at the sky and just letting my mind wander. Other times I would stretch out on my tummy on the dock and just gaze over the edge marveling at all the life teeming in the water below.

Shortly after I accepted Christ, my family went on a trip to Florida. I am not a morning person, but I woke up early and went to sit on the balcony. Here I was sitting on the edge of the ocean, the morning sun setting it aglow in the deepest of purples, pinks and blues. As I sat there a flock of pelicans flew by me so close I could have touched them and you could see dolphins playing in the waves the tide was making. That was a moment that took my breath away. I had no where to be, no one to look after, nothing that needed to be done. I like to think that God made that morning just for me. When life gets hectic, or I lose focus of the beauty going on around me, I am reminded of that moment. The world stood still, I can still smell the salty breeze, feel the chill of the morning air on my face and envision that beautiful scene. It reminds me that in every day there are moments that if we pause long enough they will take our breath away.

Last night at the end of yet another busy day, Mike and I took Emma for a drive. We went and sat at the lake downtown. Here I was with my family close, a cool breeze and setting sun. As tired as I was, I stood for a moment and took a deep breath. My soul felt refreshed. It was yet another moment that took my breath away.

I think it is important to take time and simply enjoy all that God has given us. Weather it is a sunny day, a starry night, a thunder storm or a sleeping baby. God gives us these beautiful moments each day. If you slow down, and take a breath it will take your breath away.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Packing The Diaper Bag

Becoming a mom has brought out parts of my personality that I never really knew where there. Once of those is preparedness. I used to be the person at the grocery store having to buy bags because mine are sitting on the kitchen table. Or at the gas pump with my purse at home.

Tonight I was re-stocking the diaper bag. BUT before I did that I needed to check the weather report for tomorrow so I knew if I needed to pack a sweater. It's supposed to be warm, but I still packed the sweater. I am going out for 6 hours, so rule of thumb is 1 diaper/hour, but I packed 12. Emma hasn't been feeling well so that means an extra spit up cloth, but I packed 3 with an extra blanket just in case. Add that to the change pad, nursing pads, FULL pack of wipes, 4 sample packs of bum cream, 6 toys, Tylenol, Oval, Gripe Water, medicine dropper, thermometer, body wash, shampoo, cream, powder, Kleenex, Wet Ones, dirty diaper disposal bags, my wallet, car keys and a clean top for me (just in case), it's no wonder that I am tired at the end of the day.

Not only did I re-stock the diaper "bag", but I have my clothes for tomorrow laid out, my Hubby's lunch made and tea cups set up and ready to go, and everything minus baby at the door ready to go in the van. All of this done in the happenstance that the morning doesn't go according to plan.

As prepared as I am, I know that in the morning my beautiful daughter will throw up on me and her CLEAN outfit that I have laid out. I will knock over my tea into the well stocked diaper bag, and trip over the stuff at the door. My husband will forget his lunch and I will still somehow end up at the gas station without my wallet.

That brings me to other parts of my personality that have been cultivated by becoming a mom: my sense of humor, flexibility and improvisation!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Proverbs 31:28
28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:
There are many things that I can be called. A wife, a mother, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend and blessed. Honestly though there are times in my life that blessed is not the first word that comes to mind. Stressed, overtired, overwhelmed and frantic come to mind.

Tonight I was up for my usual midnight walk around my home, and as I was headed to my bedroom door I looked into my daughter's crib. At that moment I saw her curled up on her side, with the blankets scattered around. She had her hand up holding her “Soosey” in her mouth and she let out the most content sigh I have ever heard. It got me thinking about the first time I saw the ultrasound of her. And she had her hand up in the same position. I remember thinking at that moment how incredible God is. I was amazed that He truly was knitting this little one together inside me. I was also thinking about the first time I held her and I was in total disbelief. I couldn't believe that she was finally here and in my arms. I still look at her in amazement!

Tonight looking at her sleeping peacefully and hearing my Husband snoring not far away, I stood at the door and I felt one thing: Blessed!

I am blessed to have a comfortable home for my family, food in my fridge, clothes on our backs and most importantly each other. I am blessed with a loving husband, a healthy child, supportive friends and a close family. I am blessed to have a church that is our second home!

I call myself many things, but I pray that one day when Emma is grown she will call me blessed, because she has truly been a blessing to me! I thank God for her and my family!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I never knew . . . .


. . . that someone so small could have such a huge piece of my heart.

We welcomed Emma Grace into our family on November 28th, 2009. She is the most incredible little girl. I know every Mom is biased, but I have to say that I think she is the prettiest little girl in the world!

Becoming a Mom has taught me things about myself and my faith that I never knew were there. I now understand unconditional love. There are days when she pushes me to the end of my rope, but yet I never stop loving her. I have never had less sleep in my life yet at the same time still been able to function. The moment I held her I knew that I loved her and would lay my life down for her. I would give anything to see her have everything she needs.

God is so good! We don't deserve the wonderful blessing, and yet God still gave us this beautiful, wonderful, healthy and happy little girl. She is a total picture to me of God's grace!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Here I Am @ 35 Weeks


So thus far I am 35 weeks along. Everything is going well! I am looking forward to not being pregnant! It's been a great experience so far, but I really wish I could see my toes!

Today was my last day at work and I am really glad to be done. The past few weeks have been getting increasingly harder. I am looking forward to getting some rest before the baby arrives. I am getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and it's starting to take it's toll on me. My husband isn't getting much sleeep either because I toss and turn a lot.

I love feeling the baby move. It's really neat to wach my belly. I will spend hours looking at my belly moving around, and I can't help but wonder what it is exactly Pooka is doing in there.

We didn't find out the gender so the baby got the nick name Pooka. We are thing either Grace or Emma for a girl and Jeremy for a boy. I can't wait to meet the baby and get to know them. I can't wait to see who's eyes Pooka has, if they got my husband's hair line or my nose.

Well I have a baby's room to finish organizing so I am off to get some more done on that!